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5 useful tips to consider when it comes to selling your business

When it comes to selling your business, you’ll undoubtedly want to do it right – after all, you’ve probably worked … Continued

Why it’s important to set goals to achieve your financial dreams

Most people are aware of the need to save some of their income after paying bills and spending on non-essentials. … Continued

Can money buy you happiness? Science suggests it can – but not indefinitely

In 2015, Dan Price, the CEO of Seattle-based payment company, Gravity Payments, was hiking with a friend. A millionaire by … Continued

Budget 2021 – The winners and losers

A year ago, Rishi Sunak delivered his first Budget just as the pandemic began to take hold. While his £30 … Continued

Your 2021 Budget summary

On Wednesday 3 March, Rishi Sunak delivered his second Budget as chancellor. The Budget outlines the state of the economy … Continued

Why following the mainstream could hurt your portfolio

One of the biggest finance stories of the year may have already been told, with the GameStop short squeeze dominating … Continued

10 fascinating autobiographies for World Book Day

Autobiographies are a staple of any enthusiastic reader’s diet. Whether you’re looking for some wisdom hidden in the words of … Continued

5 important reasons not to hold too much money in cash

Holding cash has long been thought of as a safe way to keep your money: it’s easily accessible and there’s … Continued

5 opportunities for business owners to boost wealth and reduce tax at the end of the tax year

For business owners, every penny counts. That’s why it’s economical to use strategies that stretch your money that little bit … Continued

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your business?

Every business owner is used to thinking long-term for their business. Maybe even going as far to think about succession … Continued

New Year, New Money Habits

True to form, every year January brings a deluge of self-promises and new resolutions. There’s something about the start of … Continued

How to stay safe online this Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be the season of goodwill, but unfortunately it’s not that way for those looking to make … Continued

Residence Nil Rate Band – a less taxing inheritance?

The new Inheritance Tax residence nil rate band (RNRB) was introduced in 2017 with one sole aim: to make it … Continued

Step 9. Find a guide you trust (and then trust them) | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

Successful business people have a natural tendency to want to do everything themselves and very often they do it well. … Continued

Involve your family with philanthropy

With so many people needing so much help right now, parents and grandparents have a unique opportunity to teach younger … Continued

Win or lose: what the new pensions annual allowance means for you.

With everything that’s been going on in 2020, you might have missed some important changes to the pensions annual allowance … Continued

What makes a good life?

You have a steady job that pays the bills and puts your abilities to good use. You have loving relationships … Continued

Step 8. Get a second opinion | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

Estimates vary, but it’s generally accepted that the number of discrete behavioural biases we’re all prone to reaches double figures. … Continued

The Chancellor's Winter Economy Plan

The Chancellor’s September Statement: A Summary

On 24th September, having postponed the expected Autumn Budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak set out a range of new measures that … Continued

Step 7. Think about tax and pensions | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

Pensions and taxes may not be words to light a fire in your heart, but they’re a big part of … Continued

Step 6. Look at the evidence, drop the comparisons | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

When it comes to financing your retirement, there are different routes to consider. Many people will opt to buy an … Continued

Navigating Life’s Transitions by Rewriting Your Story

Your plans for the future are really a story that you tell yourself. Some of the chapters are easy to … Continued

Step 5. Have an exit strategy – what comes next? | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

We’re discussing your future beyond work, but if you’re a business owner, your business is a huge part of your … Continued

Step 4. Put the ‘long’ into ‘long-term’ | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

In business we’re always looking forward and thinking ahead, but more often than not we’re concerned with the next quarter, … Continued

Are your retirement plans on hold?

What is it they say about all the best-laid plans? This year many of ours have been well and truly … Continued

Step 3. Plan for your future | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

It’s unlikely that the idea of planning is new to you. You plan meetings, you plan campaigns, and you frequently … Continued

Step 2. Get your full financial picture into sharp focus | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

With the best will in the world, everyone’s financial picture can become hazy over the years. Sometimes that’s just down … Continued

Step 1. Decide what you want | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

Whatever you do for a living, someday you’ll go back to being you. When you do, it’s good to know … Continued

A smarter approach to planning your retirement

Whether you run your own business or you’re instrumental to the organisation you work for, you know how it feels … Continued

A Summary: Rishi Sunak’s 8th July Summer Statement

Just a few months after delivering his first Budget as Chancellor, Rishi Sunak delivered a Summer Statement, dubbed a ‘mini-Budget’ … Continued

Five ways our life-centred approach can work for you

It’s a funny thing, financial planning. Most people think it’s all about money, but at Cordiner Wealth, we know it’s … Continued

Be wary of Covid-19 email scams

Scandalous though it may sound, cyber-criminals are using the coronavirus crisis to prey on unsuspecting individuals.   Security experts have … Continued

How to avoid going stir-crazy during the coronavirus lockdown

The effects of the government enforced isolation period will be felt across the whole nation. It’s going to be difficult … Continued

Final countdown to the end of the tax year

You may have seen lots of literature already about the end of the tax year. But if you’ve not yet … Continued

Time to spring clean your finances

The daffodils and crocuses are beginning to appear, the trees are blossoming and the days are getting lighter. Spring is … Continued

It’s not about how much you have, but what you do with it…

The old cliché goes that ‘money can’t buy you happiness,’ but how true is that statement?   According to a … Continued

The link between human behaviour and investing

Financial planning… Isn’t that based on cold, hard facts and scientific reasoning? Surely feelings  and emotions don’t have much to … Continued

Key steps to maximise your allowances before the end of the tax year

The tax year will be coming to an end on 5th April. With that deadline in mind, we wanted to … Continued

New year, new decade, new approach to your finances?

You may have already made some New Year’s resolutions regarding healthy eating and exercise but could your finances do with … Continued

4 savvy tips when Christmas shopping

Christmas seems to come round earlier and earlier each year. Retailers start tempting ‘early gifters’ as soon as the Back … Continued

How the gender gap even affects children’s pensions

We’re familiar with the gender gap in pensions for adults but there is evidence that this actually starts much earlier … Continued

Back to 60 campaigners fight on

The campaigning group, Back to 60, has lost their fight at the High Court to seek redress for the inequality … Continued

The impact of climate change fears on ethical investing

As pressure mounts on governments and financial institutions to do more to combat climate change, the demand for ethical investment … Continued

The Help to Buy ISA deadline is looming

After 30th November 2019, potential first-time buyers will no longer be able to apply for a new Help to Buy … Continued

Would more people actually like to retire a little later?

This may seem a surprising suggestion. Surely most people are eagerly looking forward to early retirement, not thinking about postponing … Continued

How to find the right investment for you

In the wake of the Woodford debacle, there’s a lot of buzz around investments and the rationale for choosing them. So … Continued

8 places to visit this Autumn in the UK

With autumn pushing the heat of summer south across the equator, it’s time to strap on your wellies and get … Continued

How to stay safe online

As we venture further into this new digital age, the security of your personal data grows more and more important. … Continued

3 tips to avoiding inheritance tax

Benjamin Franklin famously said, ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes’. And if … Continued

What is the open banking revolution?

Over a year and a half ago, a digital revolution introduced a new way for people to handle their money: … Continued

Financial Wellbeing

How is your financial wellbeing?   Increasingly, people are talking about financial wellbeing. But what does it actually mean?   … Continued

What does it take to retire early?

The idea of retiring in your 50s or even your 40s sounds like a pipe-dream to most, what with the … Continued

6 bad habits to avoid during retirement

Planning for retirement can be complicated, as anyone approaching the end of their working life will tell you. However, navigating … Continued

The UK is struggling to save; what are the implications?

A study found in 2018 that one in four adults have no savings. Many residents in the UK wish that … Continued

Why cruise holidays are booming for retirees

The cruise market offering has changed enormously in recent years, where once it was purely the domain of cabaret cheese … Continued

How safe are your savings?

With your capital tucked away in savings accounts, investments and mortgages, you’d assume that there is some kind of protection … Continued