With the best will in the world, everyone’s financial picture can become hazy over the years. Sometimes that’s just down to filing documents in the ‘things to do later’ pile, but as you progress through your working life you’ll see a lot of financial communications come and go.


The time before now

If you were employed or had other jobs before you set up on your own, you may have pension pots dotted around that you’ve lost touch with (or forgotten how to access). You may benefit from, or be responsible for, an employer scheme and you may have personal pensions too, but it’s easy to lose track. Values become outdated, changes of name or address cause communications to break down and a simple lack of time can make it hard to keep on top of what you have and how you can reach it.
Getting your finances into a coherent order really matters. Knowing what you have to work with is a big part of knowing what you can achieve in future and it may surprise you.


A clearer picture

Over the years we’ve helped our clients to take a step back and piece together the most fragmented of financial pictures. At the very least it’s given them much-needed clarity, but it’s also helped clients in tricky financial positions to find a way through that they couldn’t see before. We’ve helped people to clear debts, get their business back on course and set up a lifestyle that had seemed unlikely, or even impossible.

Whether your current financial picture is in sharp focus or it’s filling up two carrier bags, we can help you to get it into shape. We’ll analyse, rationalise and digitise everything. We’ll turn it into a coherent system, show you which paperwork you need to keep and remove the stuff that’s weighing you down.


Getting started


We’ve put together a short guide called ‘A Smarter Approach to Planning Your Retirement’. In this guide we’ll show you how to make a friend of the future and face the next stage of your life with clarity and confidence.


You can download the guide in full right here.
We’ll be back on the blog next week with Step 3: Plan for your future.


Get in touch

If you’re thinking about retirement, we’d love to find out how we can help. Whether you’ve been planning it for a while, you’re just starting out or it’s finally time to stop putting it off, the right time is now.


Proper planning early on will help you to understand when you can retire, what that retirement may look like, what you’ll do with your business and how you’ll make sure it’s all done securely.


Along with professionalism, expertise and experience, you can count on respect, transparency and a lifelong commitment. We’ll celebrate your successes with you, but we’ll always have the courage to tell you the truth about your money.


Contact us today on 0113 262 1242 or book here to arrange an initial call. We can chat about where you are, where you want to be and how we can help you to make it happen.