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Volunteer looks at clothes on a rail while surrounded by boxes of donations

5 fantastic benefits of volunteering in retirement

This month, from 3 to 9 June, it was Volunteers’ Week, a cause dedicated to thanking volunteers across Great Britain … Continued

A street sign for Great Ormond Street, London

How leaving charitable gifts in your will allows you to create a lasting legacy with your wealth

In 1902, Scottish author James Matthew Barrie (better known as J. M. Barrie) published a novel for adults called The … Continued

What is the purpose of the new FCA sustainability labels and what do they mean for you?

June 2024 has been remarkably cold in the UK. The Guardian reports that, although 1975 holds the accolade for the … Continued

A thank you from us!

In March, we were one of only 113 firms to be included in VouchedFor’s 2024 Guide to Top Rated financial … Continued

Poster advertising the OSCAR’s Inflatable Run charity challenge

We’re supporting OSCAR’s Paediatric Brain Tumour Charity with their fundraising efforts

On Saturday 29 June, a team of 100 brave children and adults will be taking on an Inflatable Run at … Continued

Concerned business owner studies documents

Will your estate face Inheritance Tax? Here’s what you need to know

If you’re uncertain about how Inheritance Tax (IHT) works and whether your loved ones will face a bill on your … Continued

Smiling businessman puts his arm around his adult son

5 effective ways for preparing your family to inherit your business

Deciding how you’ll exit your business is just as important as any other aspect of running it. Even though you … Continued

A senior business owner looks at a tablet

Planning to never retire from your business? Here’s what you need to know

In some professions, the idea of retirement can seem totally alien. Many actors work well into their golden years, while … Continued

Middle-aged couple look at new cars on a forecourt

How does car finance actually work and is it an effective way to buy a new vehicle?

Buying a new car has often been seen as a tumultuous investment indeed. Cars are one of those unfortunate assets … Continued

Dad helping daughter with homework

4 helpful ways you can support your children to achieve their life goals

Helping children or grandchildren to achieve their life objectives is one of the most common financial goals. Whether that’s in … Continued

Concerned business owner looks at a laptop

3 concerning events that could affect your business, and how to protect your company

The past few years have presented significant challenges to business owners in the UK. If you own a company, you’ll … Continued

Apples falling from an apple tree

How to manage a windfall, and why taking financial advice can help

There are many reasons why you might receive a windfall of money at some point throughout your life. You can … Continued

View of UK parliament and Big Ben

What will happen from 6 April when the pension Lifetime Allowance is officially abolished?

The abolition of the pension Lifetime Allowance (LTA) is one of the most significant changes to the pension landscape in … Continued

Breaking news: Your reviews mean we’re one of the UK’s Top Rated advice firms

We’re proud to announce that VouchedFor has named us one of their Top Rated Firms in their 2024 guide, distributed … Continued

one girl looking envious at the delighted girl next to her on the sofa

All the winners and losers from the 2024 Spring Budget

With one eye on a forthcoming general election, the chancellor has announced a Budget aimed at generating long-term growth, with … Continued

An external image of the Palace of Westminster in the evening

Your Spring Budget update – the key news from the chancellor’s statement

The 2024/25 tax year is just a month away, and chancellor Jeremy Hunt has delivered his 2024 Spring Budget, outlining … Continued

A person looks at stock market data on a phone and laptop

Cordiner Wealth Investment Committee – 2024: Looking backwards and forwards

Over the longer term, investors expect a positive, after-inflation return from investing in company shares and lending money to governments … Continued

A hand pours gravy over a Sunday roast dinner

5 of the best proper Yorkshire country pubs for a Sunday roast

Whether it’s for an event such as Easter, or simply after a sunny spring walk in the moors or the … Continued

Woman crumples a piece of paper in her hands

Why does the IFS want to scrap the pension triple lock, and what would it mean for you?

No matter how much wealth you have, the State Pension can be hugely valuable in retirement. Having access to a … Continued

A line of burning torches

What the BBC’s hit show The Traitors can teach you about working with a financial professional you trust

Throughout January, the second series of hit gameshow The Traitors aired on BBC One. The show’s premise is simple: a … Continued

Middle-aged couple sit on a pontoon by a lake at sunset

What can the Scandinavian lifestyle teach you about living happier in 2024?

The new year is now in full swing, and you may have various resolutions for what you want to achieve … Continued

How to help your children and grandchildren use the internet safely

The internet has become one of the most important parts of human society, and access to it is fast becoming … Continued

Middle-aged couple playing with granddaughter

Why Junior ISAs could be an effective way to save and invest for your family this year

Setting money aside for your family members, such as children and grandchildren, is a common goal. Giving your loved ones … Continued

Couple eating and drinking healthy food at home.

6 great benefits of taking part in Dry January this year

Dry January comes around every year and is a chance to reset your body by giving up alcohol for the … Continued

A middle-aged woman looks thoughtfully at a document

What responsibilities are involved when you are an executor of a will?

Creating a comprehensive will is a crucial part of your financial planning. Within this legally binding document, you can lay … Continued

Man wearing a coat reading a newspaper and drinking a coffee outdoors

5 interesting financial lessons to learn from 2023

As we approach the end of the year, you’re no doubt looking ahead to 2024 already. You might have already … Continued

Big Ben

Everything you need to know about the 2023 Autumn Statement

On 22 November 2023, chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered the Autumn Statement against a backdrop of a cost of living crisis … Continued

Family having Christmas dinner

How much does the dream Christmas for you and your family actually cost?

Christmas is the time to celebrate joy, togetherness, and a range of festive delights, so it’s no wonder that it … Continued

Older lady blowing out birthday candles

Why it’s sensible to plan your money for a 100-year life

These days, thanks to a combination of healthy eating, regular exercise, and advances in modern medicine, the prospect of living … Continued

Lady on laptop using calculator

3 key things you need to know about the recent increases to interest rates

Over the past few years, UK headlines have detailed the rising base rate. This is the central interest rate set … Continued

Someone walking through a Yorkshire forest in the winter

8 of the best winter walks around Yorkshire to enjoy this year

As summer comes to an end and winter approaches, the enchanting landscapes of the Yorkshire countryside undergo a considerable transformation. … Continued

Couple looking stressed

Anxious about retiring? Here’s how working with a financial planner can help

When you’re planning for retirement, you may have a list of activities and dreams you wish to achieve when you … Continued

Man saving in piggy bank

3 key reasons Cash ISAs may not be the most appropriate home for your money

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are a favoured method of storing wealth in the UK, as they’re known for their tax … Continued

5 fantastic sporting events taking place in the rest of 2023

One of the best parts of summertime is the number of sporting events you can enjoy. This year alone, you … Continued

How you could ease financial strain if you’ll be repaying your mortgage into retirement

Rising interest rates coupled with the growth in property prices in recent years have meant that many people could be … Continued

3 key benefits of putting life insurance in trust for your family

Putting money or assets in trust can be a highly effective way to secure your wealth for your loved ones. … Continued

Student reading book and looking at laptop while in library

5 crucial life skills to teach children and grandchildren heading off to university

In September, there will be hundreds of thousands of new first-year students heading off to university. You may well have … Continued

Retired friends smile and chat while drinking coffee

Why loneliness is potentially bad for your health, and how to avoid it in retirement

In the modern, interconnected world, it seems almost impossible that anyone would feel lonely. With most of us having smartphones … Continued

Big Ben and the houses of parliament, London

What is “fiscal drag” and how could it affect your wealth?

Inflation in the UK has been high for an extended period of time now, having exceeded the Bank of England … Continued

Middle-aged business owner sorting documents

What’s actually involved in winding up a limited company? Here’s what you need to know

Financial planning for business owners often revolves around the all-important exit from the company. Whether it’s knowing how much you … Continued

Two young boys look at a steam train on a railway

5 great Yorkshire days out to treat your children and grandchildren to in the summer holidays

With the summer holidays upon us, you may be looking for days out to treat your children and grandchildren around … Continued

Raindrops falling off a black umbrella

Having more wealth doesn’t necessarily make you less financially vulnerable. Here’s why

As you progress through your career, you can typically expect your wealth to increase over time. The savings and investments … Continued

The US Capitol building, Washington

Explained: what it means for Joe Biden to suspend the US national debt ceiling

You may have seen the news that the US government agreed to suspend the country’s national debt ceiling in June. … Continued

A domestic heat pump attached a UK home

How do heat pumps work, and could one be a good addition to your home?

When you consider the many ways you can heat your home, there’s a good chance you immediately think of boilers, … Continued

Happy middle-aged couple sailing

Why the State Pension is so useful in retirement, even for high net worth individuals

When you’re planning for retirement, it can be easy to overlook the value of the State Pension, particularly if you’re … Continued

Hand saving 10 pence into a piggy bank

How your savings could be affected by the latest interest rate rise

Earlier this year, we published an article looking at how interest rates could move in the rest of 2023. One … Continued

Person signing into an online account

How to choose strong passwords to keep your online presence secure

While the internet has improved many facets of our lives, an unfortunate consequence is that hackers are always looking for … Continued

Adult daughter showing information on a tablet to her parents

Could your children and grandchildren save or invest through a Lifetime ISA?

If you want your children or grandchildren to have the greatest opportunity to achieve their financial goals, you may want … Continued

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt outside Downing Street

Why does the IFS want to scrap the 25% pension tax-free lump sum, and what would it mean for you?

If you’ve been keeping up with financial policy news over the last 12 months, you’ll have seen an enormous range … Continued

Business owner reviewing receipts and using calculator

How your pension can be an effective tool to reduce your Corporation Tax bill

In the spring Budget on 15 March, chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced key changes to the UK’s Corporation Tax rates for … Continued

Older couple reviewing their finances

4 clever ways you could fund home improvements or repairs in retirement

Retirement is your well-deserved time to put your feet up and relax after a life of hard work. To ensure … Continued

An older man and a younger woman work at a computer

Considering a return to work? Here are a few things to think about first

Many of the changes in the 2023 spring Budget were designed to make it easier for people to return to … Continued

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt holding the Budget box

The chancellor changed pension tax rules in his spring Budget. Here’s what it might mean for you

A good retirement plan is one that adapts to a changing financial landscape. When legislation changes, rethinking your plan could … Continued

Mum and children picking up litter

What is the Great British Spring Clean and how can you get involved?

Having started on 17 March and running until 2 April, the Great British Spring Clean campaign is well under way. … Continued

Young couple looking at paperwork

3 powerful reasons you need to talk to your spouse or partner about money

If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, talking honestly about money is a high priority. Your money should be … Continued

The Bank of England, London

What might happen to interest rates in the rest of 2023?

Interest rates have been a focal point of the news over the last 18 months or so, as the UK’s … Continued

We’re Top Rated in 2023!

Today, VouchedFor has released its Top Rated Guide for 2023, and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve qualified as a … Continued

All the winners and losers from the 2023 spring Budget

Just six months ago, Kwasi Kwarteng stood up in the House of Commons and delivered his controversial “mini-Budget”. The announcements … Continued

Your spring Budget update – the key news from the chancellor’s statement

On Wednesday 15 March 2023, chancellor Jeremy Hunt presented his spring Budget. Focusing on the government’s aims to halve inflation, … Continued

mother and daughter clinking prosecco glasses at a restaurant

5 fantastic Yorkshire restaurants to treat your mother to this Mother’s Day

With Mothering Sunday fast approaching on 19 March, you might be looking to treat your mother with a delicious meal … Continued

person giving a hand-wrapped gift

How gifting assets can help you to manage a potential Inheritance Tax bill on your wealth

After a year of record Inheritance Tax (IHT) receipts, it’s understandable that you might want to look for methods that … Continued

middle-aged couple reviewing documents together

4 important financial facts you need to know for the new year

Now that 2023 is well underway, it’s important to look forward to what you might be able to expect for … Continued

person reading with a cup of tea on a rainy day

The 10 best books of 2022 to enjoy for National Storytelling Week

On 28 January, people around the UK will celebrate National Storytelling Week (NSW), dedicated to the oldest art form in … Continued

Big Ben and the UK Houses of Parliament

How we can help you manage your money held with National Savings & Investments (NS&I)

We’re always on the lookout for ways to provide the most comprehensive service possible at Cordiner Wealth. That’s why we’ve … Continued

person changing a wooden block calendar from 2022 to 2023

2022 review: what happened last year, and what might be in store for 2023?

Now that 2023 is well and truly upon us, it feels like a good opportunity to take stock and examine … Continued

dad reading with his son

Why you need to keep your financial protection in place amid the cost of living crisis

With the state of the current financial situation in the UK, you may well be concerned that your money isn’t … Continued

family enjoying Christmas dinner

10 non-traditional dishes that can make Christmas dinner even more special

There’s nothing quite like Christmas dinner, with all the familiar festive flavours that you can only enjoy this time of … Continued

middle-aged woman shaking hands with a new employer

Switching careers late on could benefit you financially as well as emotionally. Here’s why

As you approach the end of your career, it’s understandable that you may be somewhat exasperated by your job. After … Continued

young thinking man looking at laptop with hands pressed together

How to prevent your emotions from affecting your investment decisions

After another year of economic uncertainty and significant market volatility, it’s understandable that you may have been finding it difficult … Continued

Your autumn statement update and what it means for you

It has been a tumultuous year in British politics, with three prime ministers and four chancellors holding office. After the … Continued

garden covered in a layer of frost

How to manage your garden in the winter to keep plants and wildlife happy and healthy

With the winter months upon us, it won’t be long until temperatures fall and the ground starts to freeze. Throughout … Continued

man with laptop reading documents and thinking

What you need to know about the Personal Savings Allowance as savings rates rise

On 3 November, the Bank of England (BoE) confirmed yet another increase to its base rate, raising the rate to … Continued

middle-aged couple sailing a boat on a lake

How to avoid overestimating your retirement income so you can live your desired lifestyle

When you reach retirement, it’s likely that your income is going to fall compared to your working life. Suddenly, you’ll … Continued

business owner stressed in front of laptop

5 vital questions to ask before increasing prices in your business

Whether it’s food or energy, prices are continuing to rise in the UK, and businesses are by no means immune … Continued

person holding TV remote while watching Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+

5 unmissable TV shows that have come out in 2022

2022 has been a significant year for blockbuster television, with both fan favourites and newcomers delighting audiences.  From medieval fantasy … Continued

smiling middle-aged couple reading paperwork and looking at laptop

In chunks or all at once: how should you take your 25% tax-free pension lump sum?

Since the introduction of the 25% tax-free pension lump sum under the Pension Freedoms legislation in 2015, individuals have had … Continued

King Edward Street, Leeds, with no footfall in the city centre

How to invest your money during a period of stagflation

Amid market uncertainty and the rising cost of living, there are many financial threats facing you and your money in … Continued

the door of 10 Downing Street

An upside-down view of currencies and interest rates

Whatever your politics, one has to feel a bit of sympathy (maybe) for the new chancellor. It has been a … Continued

middle-aged couple meditating and smiling

5 useful tips for maintaining good mental health for World Mental Health Day

Many of the taboos that surround mental health issues have been ushered out of relevance in recent years with the … Continued

A senior couple sit on a sofa reviewing documents

3 pros and cons of consolidating your pensions before retirement

Last month, you may have read our blog featuring five important pension facts to know for Pension Awareness Week. In … Continued

A stressed young woman holds her glasses and pinches her nose, while looking at her laptop

Your “real pay” might be falling due to inflation. Here’s what you could do

If you’ve worked hard over the past few years, you might find yourself benefiting from a decent salary that covers … Continued

woman thinking while using laptop

An investment account is still likely to be a better home for your money than a savings account. Here’s why

Since the Bank of England (BoE) raised the base rate to 1.75% on 4 August, interest rates across the economy … Continued

Liz Truss outside Downing Street, London.

Everything you need to know about the “emergency mini-budget”

With a new prime minister having taken office earlier this month, the government has begun to announce its plans for … Continued

woman looking at a jar in the supermarket while checking her phone

3 pros and cons of adding carbon food labelling to UK products

Food has become a central part of the environmental effort. Indeed, you may well be one of the many people … Continued

middle-aged couple having a picnic on the beach

How to plan a retirement now that you’ll thank yourself for in 10 years

Planning for retirement is a hugely valuable and important thing to do. Otherwise, you’ll arrive at the end of your … Continued

middle-aged couple looking at a tablet and smiling

5 important pension facts you should know for Pension Awareness Week

Running from the 12 to 16 September, Pension Awareness Week is a campaign run to help individuals in the UK … Continued

man teeing off on a golf course in summer

5 effective steps to planning for a successful business transition

Whether you’re selling and fully divesting yourself of your business or you’re handing it over to your children to run … Continued

Whitby Abbey at sunset

5 great ways to celebrate Yorkshire Day on 1 August

On 1 August, people across the historic county of Yorkshire will come together to celebrate Yorkshire Day. First marked in … Continued

close up of a younger person holding an older person’s hand

How working with a financial planner can help you to protect a vulnerable family member

Financial planning adds immense value to many peoples’ lives, providing valuable insights into their finances to help them make the … Continued

woman reading paperwork and thinking

Stocks and Shares ISAs vs Cash ISAs: which is best for your money right now?

ISAs are some of the most popular accounts available to UK residents, with government figures showing that there were 12 … Continued

How could a property investment be a good use of surplus cash in your business?

If you’re looking for ways to manage surplus cash in your business, property could be an effective tool to store … Continued

a napping woman lying on a sofa

Taking an afternoon nap could actually be good for you. Here’s why

Over the past few years, the science surrounding sleep has come on in leaps and bounds. Indeed, you may well … Continued

woman reading paperwork and frowning

Are you going to be squeezed into a higher tax band over the next 3 years?

As the cost of living seems to be rising month by month in the UK, perhaps the last thing you … Continued

man working at a laptop with a calculator

How to take back control of your business and make it work for you

When you start out running your business, everything seems to move at 100 miles an hour. You’re forced to think … Continued

man drinking coffee while looking at phone

5 simple steps to effective investing for senior executives

Investing is an important part of being a senior executive. You may earn a healthy salary from what you do, … Continued

businessman looking at laptop with wireless headphones in

Why making pension contributions with your surplus cash can be useful for your business

One of the easiest ways to get money from a business environment into a personal environment is through employer pension … Continued

Your complete guide to financial protection

Financial protection is an important part of creating long-term security. Yet, it’s something that many people overlook. Appropriate financial protection … Continued

businesspeople shaking hands around a table

How could a company-to-company loan benefit your business?

When you’re deciding what to do with surplus cash in your business, one slightly more innovative option you could choose … Continued

businesspeople meeting in a modern office space

Could you withdraw money from your pension to put in your business?

As a business owner, having access to capital to put into your business can be extremely useful. So, if you’re … Continued

person balancing on high walkway

3 practical things to remember in times of economic uncertainty

Over the last few months, you can’t have missed the tough economic headlines. You’ve also likely seen the impact of … Continued

stressed businesswoman sitting at her desk

5 important steps to preparing your business for emergencies

The idea of preparing your business in the event of an emergency can quickly fall down the priority list as … Continued

two businessmen in suits making decisions

How to tax-efficiently invest surplus cash in your business

You may have noticed on our social feeds over the past few weeks that we’ve been posting various methods to … Continued

older couple putting on a golf green

Intending to explore flexi-retirement? Here’s what you need to know

Flexi-retirement is an increasingly popular strategy, allowing you to have greater control over the shift from work to retirement. Even … Continued

multiple people discuss graphs at a table

Working with more than one financial adviser could be detrimental to your money. Here’s why

Engaging the services of a financial adviser or planner can be transformative to how you manage your wealth. A financial … Continued

The top 10 sporting events coming to the UK in summer 2022

It’s fair to say that the UK is addicted to sport. After two years of events being affected by the … Continued

bird’s-eye view of businesspeople using laptops and devices around a conference table

Want to invest surplus business cash? Here’s what you need to know

Investing through your company can be successful, provided you get it right. If you have enough cash in the business … Continued

businesspeople round a table looking at graphs and documents

How borrowing money from your pension can be effective for your business

It’s common practice for business owners to take out borrowing to use in their business. But did you know that … Continued

How withdrawing surplus cash and paying the tax can be effective for your business

There are many strategies that you can employ to make the most of surplus cash in a business. But, if … Continued

people smiling and talking in an office conference room

How to prepare for the lump sum you’ll receive when selling your business

A key part of your preparations for selling your business is being ready for the windfall that’s coming your way. … Continued

businesspeople looking at screens and discussing

Why business owners only really need to think about one number

Business is all about numbers. From revenue, profit, and cash flow to expenses and salaries, running a business requires you … Continued

grandmother pointing out something to granddaughter

Why it’s important to create and update an estate plan with your financial planner

Creating an estate plan for your wealth is just as important as planning for retirement. Yet often, financial planning can … Continued

businessman drinking coffee and reading documents

How could Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) be a tax-efficient way for you to invest?

Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) have become increasingly popular since their inception in 1995, with the tax-efficient investment vehicles experiencing a … Continued

businesspeople studying a chart

Why lump sum contributions to your pension can reduce your tax liability

As a business owner, you can reduce your company’s tax liability simply by making lump sum contributions to your pension. … Continued

businesspeople studying graphs and making notes

How can a high-interest savings account be a useful home for surplus business cash?

When working out what to do with surplus business cash, some business owners or finance directors decide that they should … Continued

people in an open-plan office

Should you move business property that you own into your pension?

If you own your business premises, either personally or through your company, you may want to consider using your pension … Continued

The useful guide to reaching your retirement goals

Getting the most out of retirement and reaching your goals requires planning. Not thinking about your post-work years until you … Continued

businesspeople having a meeting in a modern workspace

Is doing nothing a good choice for surplus cash in your business?

If you have surplus cash in your business, you may be wondering what to do with it. Choosing to do … Continued

How can buying business premises using your pension be a useful strategy?

If you’re a business owner with a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) or a small self-administered scheme (SSAS), you may be … Continued

We’re officially a Top Rated firm!

Today, VouchedFor have released their Top Rated Guide for 2022, and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been included as … Continued

British chancellor, Rishi Sunak, walking along Downing Street

Everything you need to know about the 2022 spring statement

Against the backdrop of the continuing war in Ukraine, the chancellor has delivered his spring statement. The war has contributed … Continued

two men in hi-vis jackets looking at a laptop

3 helpful things business owners should think about when selling up

There are a lot of different things to consider when you come to sell your business. Important financial aspects such … Continued

young woman looking sad while looking at her phone

Is social media really bad for your mental health?

Technology has no doubt improved our lives in many ways. Social media in particular has become a mainstay for millions … Continued

concerned older couple looking at a laptop

Do you really understand your pension as well as you need to?

Pensions are one of the most popular ways to save for retirement. Yet worryingly, according to research by Aviva, only … Continued

concerned man looking at a laptop

How to manage your portfolio during a period of market uncertainty

Today, it certainly feels like the world is in a very uncertain place. Authoritarian states are flexing their muscles, with … Continued

businesspeople sat around a long conference table in an office

What does a continuity plan need to include for your business?

Over the entire course of running your business, it’s easy to become focused on the short term and forget that … Continued

people working in an office using post-it notes stuck to the wall

Why you need to pay your “future self” first as a business owner

As a business owner, it can be hard to save money for the future when you’re living for the now. … Continued

two older women walking in the woods with walking poles

10 great ways to stay active during your retirement

Retirement is the time to finally relax and put your feet up after a lifetime of hard work. Though you … Continued

woman shopping in a supermarket with a trolley

Why does the rise in inflation matter to you and your money?

It’s been almost impossible to miss the stories about inflation that have dominated the news over the past few months. … Continued

Team ExtraOARdinary with their certificates for completing the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Kat Cordiner sets a world record for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Kat Cordiner, Ben’s sister, has smashed a world record for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge alongside teammates Abby Johnston and … Continued

two businesswomen looking at documents and a laptop

10 useful reasons business owners should work with a financial planner

As a business owner, having a financial planner you can turn to for advice, support, and guidance can entirely change … Continued

a business meeting in an office

7 useful factors that can increase the value of a business

For many entrepreneurs, running a business has one key goal at the centre of everything: to use the proceeds of … Continued

man looking concerned at a laptop

Struggling with loss aversion when investing? Here’s what you could do

When you’re investing, one of the most difficult elements to overcome can be loss aversion. Loss aversion is a behavioural … Continued

close up of an older woman’s hands signing a document

3 really helpful reasons to leave money to charity in your will

Throughout the course of your estate planning, you may have considered leaving money to charity in your will as a … Continued

family watching TV at Christmas

10 of the best Christmas films to watch with your family

Watching a Christmas film with the family is an unmissable part of the festive season. Years ago, one of the … Continued

business owners shaking hands over a table with graphs and charts

How to make sure you’re ready for life after exiting your business

When it comes to selling your business, you need to put in as much time and effort into making your … Continued

businesspeople around a table in a meeting

How to insure yourself as a business owner to protect you and your family

These past 20 months have been tough for everyone, but they’ve been particularly arduous for UK business owners. According to … Continued

older couple checking documents

What is an annuity and how useful could they be for you?

Your retirement plans probably revolve around using a pension to provide you with income during your later years. So, you … Continued

Guide: Building a nest egg – How to create financial security for your children and grandchildren

As a parent or grandparent, you may be thinking about ways you can build a nest egg for children or … Continued

people working at a desk on a laptop

What does cashflow forecasting for your family look like?

Every business owner knows the importance of cashflow forecasting and using accurate data to make financial decisions. But have you … Continued

a hanging advent calendar with dates on small envelopes

The 10 best luxury advent calendars to open and enjoy this Christmas

Everyone loves an advent calendar – in fact, there are few better feelings than waking up to a quick hit … Continued

a selection of British coins

What will the increase to the State Pension mean for your retirement?

With the government’s confirmation of a 3.1% rise to the State Pension, you may now be wondering what this will … Continued

Guide: 10 ways to lead a more sustainable life

Sustainability has become a key topic for governments, businesses and communities around the world. If you want to reduce the … Continued

British chancellor, Rishi Sunak, leaving 11 Downing Street

Everything you need to know about the 2021 Autumn Budget

“Employment is up, investment is growing, public services are improving, the public finances are stabilising, and wages are rising.” This … Continued

close-up of two businesspeople shaking hands

We’re hiring! Is your next role here at Cordiner Wealth?

We have exciting news this month at Cordiner Wealth as we’re looking to hire a new Associate Financial Planner to … Continued

Kat Cordiner takes on the colossal Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

In December 2021, Ben’s sister, Kat Cordiner, will be taking on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. The Talisker Whisky Atlantic … Continued

silhouette of people watching a firework display

The 10 best firework displays for Bonfire Night in Yorkshire

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a hot drink or some candy floss while the sky is lit up by a … Continued

outside of a detached house on a street in England

Could equity release or downsizing play a big part in your retirement plan?

If you’re fast approaching or already at retirement, it’s sensible to start thinking about how you’re going to support yourself … Continued

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Location: Leeds, United Kingdom Salary: £35,000 to £50,000 per annum Position: Full time Job description   Are you ready to … Continued

close up of a handshake by two people wearing suits

How to make sure you’re ready to sell your business and move on

You’ll have sunk countless hours and no doubt had plenty of stressful, sleepless nights getting your business to where it … Continued

a child putting a 20 pence piece in a moneybox

Why a pension can be a useful way to save for your children or grandchildren

When you have children or grandchildren, it’s normal to want to be able to provide for their future in some … Continued

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10 delicious and easy recipes for National Baking Week

Baking was one of the nation’s favourite pastimes over the lockdowns in 2020, as everyone turned to their kitchens to … Continued

Guide: Leaving an inheritance vs gifting during your lifetime

Have you thought about how you’ll pass wealth on to those who are important to you? Traditionally, this has been … Continued

British prime minister, Boris Johnson

National Insurance and Dividend Tax rise as government suspends State Pension triple lock

This week, the government has made two major policy announcements that are likely to directly affect your finances. A much-anticipated … Continued

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Guide: The guide to later-life planning and care

When you think about your future, how far ahead do you plan? Perhaps you’ve thought about what your life will … Continued

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Why costs really matter to your money and your portfolio

The late, great Jack Bogle – the founder of Vanguard and the grandfather of index investing – left us all … Continued

a group of young people work at desks in an open-plan office

How might a four-day work week be a good thing for your business?

The idea of the four-day work week has been bandied around a fair amount over the past few years. While … Continued

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10 great things to do in Yorkshire once children are back in school

It’s always a treat to have your children and grandchildren at home for the summer. You can finally spend some … Continued

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How has Pension Freedoms cost savers £2 billion since 2015?

Since the introduction of Pension Freedoms in 2015, UK savers have enjoyed a greater level of flexibility when it comes … Continued

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Why the unhelpful noise of short-term performance could harm your portfolio

Investing is simple, but not easy. The first thing you require is foresight, as well as the discipline to deny … Continued

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What to do if you think you don’t have enough to retire

If you’ve planned carefully and budgeted for your goals throughout your lifetime, you should have enough money to live the … Continued

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Why your retirement is about more than just your money

Retirement can feel like an entirely financial transaction, especially as that’s the way we often talk about it. You’ve probably … Continued

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10 warning signs that tell you you’ve got the wrong financial adviser

You may have enlisted the services of a financial adviser who you think has your best interests at heart. They … Continued

Guide: 10 simple but effective ways to create a better you

Search the internet and you’ll find a myriad of self-help sites aimed at helping you to improve your life and … Continued

Crypto craziness: why cryptocurrencies may not be the investment opportunity they seem

We humans are never lacking in our enthusiasm for crazy “investment” ideas. Around four hundred years ago, the Dutch managed … Continued

How to cut down plastic waste and make your business more sustainable

Plastic has become a serious environmental issue for the world. In the UK alone, we use around 275,000 tonnes of … Continued

10 top tips for the ultimate summer BBQ

There’s nothing more quintessential to a British summer than the smell of meat sizzling over fire. So, delight your guests … Continued

Are you one of the 1,000s missing out on some of the State Pension?

It has recently come to light that many people have been missing out on some of the State Pension. Estimates … Continued

5 great reasons to put the wellbeing of your employees at the heart of your business

Over the past few years, the importance of good health and wellbeing in the workplace has come to the forefront. … Continued

10 great walks in Yorkshire to celebrate National Walking Month

May marks National Walking Month in the UK, celebrating the joys of exploring the picturesque landscapes and trails that our … Continued

5 money lessons children should know by the time they leave school

Teaching children all about money makes a lot of sense, as early lessons can be formative for good, lifelong habits. … Continued

How financial planning can help improve your mental wellbeing

Next month, the Mental Health Foundation will host Mental Health Awareness Week. Running from 10 to 16 May, it’s a … Continued

Why a good investment strategy is not a sprint: it’s the London Marathon

When starting out, many investors are either put off by the risk of losing their money, or quickly become frustrated … Continued

10 effective tax-saving tips every small business owner needs to know

Every business owner knows how important it is to save money wherever possible. That’s why finding ways to save tax … Continued

5 useful tips to consider when it comes to selling your business

When it comes to selling your business, you’ll undoubtedly want to do it right – after all, you’ve probably worked … Continued

Why it’s important to set goals to achieve your financial dreams

Most people are aware of the need to save some of their income after paying bills and spending on non-essentials. … Continued

Can money buy you happiness? Science suggests it can – but not indefinitely

In 2015, Dan Price, the CEO of Seattle-based payment company, Gravity Payments, was hiking with a friend. A millionaire by … Continued

Budget 2021 – The winners and losers

A year ago, Rishi Sunak delivered his first Budget just as the pandemic began to take hold. While his £30 … Continued

Your 2021 Budget summary

On Wednesday 3 March, Rishi Sunak delivered his second Budget as chancellor. The Budget outlines the state of the economy … Continued

Why following the mainstream could hurt your portfolio

One of the biggest finance stories of the year may have already been told, with the GameStop short squeeze dominating … Continued

10 fascinating autobiographies for World Book Day

Autobiographies are a staple of any enthusiastic reader’s diet. Whether you’re looking for some wisdom hidden in the words of … Continued

5 important reasons not to hold too much money in cash

Holding cash has long been thought of as a safe way to keep your money: it’s easily accessible and there’s … Continued

5 opportunities for business owners to boost wealth and reduce tax at the end of the tax year

For business owners, every penny counts. That’s why it’s economical to use strategies that stretch your money that little bit … Continued

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your business?

Every business owner is used to thinking long-term for their business. Maybe even going as far to think about succession … Continued

New Year, New Money Habits

True to form, every year January brings a deluge of self-promises and new resolutions. There’s something about the start of … Continued

How to stay safe online this Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be the season of goodwill, but unfortunately it’s not that way for those looking to make … Continued

Residence Nil Rate Band – a less taxing inheritance?

The new Inheritance Tax residence nil rate band (RNRB) was introduced in 2017 with one sole aim: to make it … Continued

Step 9. Find a guide you trust (and then trust them) | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

Successful business people have a natural tendency to want to do everything themselves and very often they do it well. … Continued

Involve your family with philanthropy

With so many people needing so much help right now, parents and grandparents have a unique opportunity to teach younger … Continued

Win or lose: what the new pensions annual allowance means for you.

With everything that’s been going on in 2020, you might have missed some important changes to the pensions annual allowance … Continued

What makes a good life?

You have a steady job that pays the bills and puts your abilities to good use. You have loving relationships … Continued

Step 8. Get a second opinion | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

Estimates vary, but it’s generally accepted that the number of discrete behavioural biases we’re all prone to reaches double figures. … Continued

The Chancellor's Winter Economy Plan

The Chancellor’s September Statement: A Summary

On 24th September, having postponed the expected Autumn Budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak set out a range of new measures that … Continued

Step 7. Think about tax and pensions | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

Pensions and taxes may not be words to light a fire in your heart, but they’re a big part of … Continued

Step 6. Look at the evidence, drop the comparisons | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

When it comes to financing your retirement, there are different routes to consider. Many people will opt to buy an … Continued

Navigating Life’s Transitions by Rewriting Your Story

Your plans for the future are really a story that you tell yourself. Some of the chapters are easy to … Continued

Step 5. Have an exit strategy – what comes next? | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

We’re discussing your future beyond work, but if you’re a business owner, your business is a huge part of your … Continued

Step 4. Put the ‘long’ into ‘long-term’ | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

In business we’re always looking forward and thinking ahead, but more often than not we’re concerned with the next quarter, … Continued

Are your retirement plans on hold?

What is it they say about all the best-laid plans? This year many of ours have been well and truly … Continued

Step 3. Plan for your future | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

It’s unlikely that the idea of planning is new to you. You plan meetings, you plan campaigns, and you frequently … Continued

Step 2. Get your full financial picture into sharp focus | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

With the best will in the world, everyone’s financial picture can become hazy over the years. Sometimes that’s just down … Continued

Step 1. Decide what you want | A smarter approach to planning your retirement

Whatever you do for a living, someday you’ll go back to being you. When you do, it’s good to know … Continued

A smarter approach to planning your retirement

Whether you run your own business or you’re instrumental to the organisation you work for, you know how it feels … Continued

A Summary: Rishi Sunak’s 8th July Summer Statement

Just a few months after delivering his first Budget as Chancellor, Rishi Sunak delivered a Summer Statement, dubbed a ‘mini-Budget’ … Continued

Five ways our life-centred approach can work for you

It’s a funny thing, financial planning. Most people think it’s all about money, but at Cordiner Wealth, we know it’s … Continued

The art of armchair travelling

The Covid-19 outbreak has meant that it’s unlikely any of us will be travelling any time soon. However, virtual escapism … Continued

How to spot fake news

Social media and online platforms are full of misinformation and fake news at the best of times so in the … Continued

How to avoid going stir-crazy during the coronavirus lockdown

The effects of the government enforced isolation period will be felt across the whole nation. It’s going to be difficult … Continued

Be wary of Covid-19 email scams

Scandalous though it may sound, cyber-criminals are using the coronavirus crisis to prey on unsuspecting individuals. Security experts have said … Continued

Time to spring clean your finances

The daffodils and crocuses are beginning to appear, the trees are blossoming and the days are getting lighter. Spring is … Continued

Final countdown to the end of the tax year

You may have seen lots of literature already about the end of the tax year. But if you’ve not yet … Continued

The link between human behaviour and investing

Financial planning… Isn’t that based on cold, hard facts and scientific reasoning? Surely feelings  and emotions don’t have much to … Continued

It’s not about how much you have, but what you do with it…

The old cliché goes that ‘money can’t buy you happiness,’ but how true is that statement? According to a recent … Continued

New year, new decade, new approach to your finances?

You may have already made some New Year’s resolutions regarding healthy eating and exercise but could your finances do with … Continued

Key steps to maximise your allowances before the end of the tax year

The tax year will be coming to an end on 5th April. With that deadline in mind, we wanted to … Continued

How the gender gap even affects children’s pensions

We’re familiar with the gender gap in pensions for adults but there is evidence that this actually starts much earlier … Continued

4 savvy tips when Christmas shopping

Christmas seems to come round earlier and earlier each year. Retailers start tempting ‘early gifters’ as soon as the Back … Continued

The impact of climate change fears on ethical investing

As pressure mounts on governments and financial institutions to do more to combat climate change, the demand for ethical investment … Continued

Back to 60 campaigners fight on

The campaigning group, Back to 60, has lost their fight at the High Court to seek redress for the inequality … Continued

Would more people actually like to retire a little later?

This may seem a surprising suggestion. Surely most people are eagerly looking forward to early retirement, not thinking about postponing … Continued

The Help to Buy ISA deadline is looming

After 30th November 2019, potential first-time buyers will no longer be able to apply for a new Help to Buy … Continued

8 places to visit this Autumn in the UK

With autumn pushing the heat of summer south across the equator, it’s time to strap on your wellies and get … Continued

How to find the right investment for you

In the wake of the Woodford debacle, there’s a lot of buzz around investments and the rationale for choosing them. So … Continued

How to stay safe online

As we venture further into this new digital age, the security of your personal data grows more and more important. … Continued

6 UK dining experiences to feed your intrigue

Food is one of the greatest and most diverse pleasures that life has to offer – it can be simple, … Continued

What is the open banking revolution?

Over a year and a half ago, a digital revolution introduced a new way for people to handle their money: … Continued

3 tips to avoiding inheritance tax

Benjamin Franklin famously said, ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes’. And if … Continued

What does it take to retire early?

The idea of retiring in your 50s or even your 40s sounds like a pipe-dream to most, what with the … Continued

Financial Wellbeing

How is your financial wellbeing? Increasingly, people are talking about financial wellbeing. But what does it actually mean? Financial wellbeing … Continued

The UK is struggling to save; what are the implications?

A study found in 2018 that one in four adults have no savings. Many residents in the UK wish that … Continued

6 bad habits to avoid during retirement

Planning for retirement can be complicated, as anyone approaching the end of their working life will tell you. However, navigating … Continued

How safe are your savings?

With your capital tucked away in savings accounts, investments and mortgages, you’d assume that there is some kind of protection … Continued

Why cruise holidays are booming for retirees

The cruise market offering has changed enormously in recent years, where once it was purely the domain of cabaret cheese … Continued

Time, not material goods, raises happiness

A new study has found that paying to free up your time is linked to increasing your level of happiness. … Continued

A snapshot of average weekly household spending

In January, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released their latest Family Spending Survey, revealing the intimate details of British … Continued

Children caring for parents and the impact on everyone’s wealth

A recent study carried out in the USA found that those caring for elderly parents are likely to experience additional … Continued

Data for sale: How to check your financial information isn’t being accessed online

We live in an age where more and more services are becoming available online, and where the process of signing … Continued

What makes a resolution easier to keep?

The start of a new year brings with it many things, not least the tradition of setting resolutions in order … Continued

Is a personal referral the best way to choose a financial adviser?

You can spend your life working hard and following all the advice you pick up along the way. If you’re … Continued

‘Winter sports’ doesn’t just have to mean skiing!

With winter in full swing, you might be thinking about how to make the most of the cold weather by … Continued

4 key ways to prevent your grown-up children derailing your retirement savings

The Bank of Mum and Dad is a well-known concept and we all hate to see our children struggle financially, … Continued

The rise of ‘staycation’ buy-to-lets

Since the Brexit vote, ‘staycations’ have become increasingly popular. This is unsurprising – for many people, going to the bureau … Continued

Explaining fund charges and investment fees

If you hold any investments, or already work with a financial adviser, then it’s likely that you’re familiar with the … Continued

3 top tips to prepare your kids for independent travel

It’s one thing to travel with your children or grandchildren and help them realise an appreciation for seeing the world. … Continued

3 financial fears this Halloween and how to overcome them

It’s time to be prepared for scary movies on TV, ghosts and ghouls trick-or-treating at your door and listening extra … Continued

Autumn 2018 Budget – Overview

Introduction A Budget for “Strivers, Grafters and Carers” Budgets, as we all know, take place on Wednesdays. After the excitement … Continued

Protecting yourself from pension scammers

Once again, pension scams are making headlines. Research from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and The Pensions Regulator (TPR) discovered … Continued

6 ways to reduce inheritance tax for your loved ones

Have you thought about how much your loved ones will need to pay in inheritance tax (IHT) when you pass … Continued

Life expectancy: Seven ways to prepare for a longer life

Good news: People in the UK are living for longer. But along with benefiting longer life expectancy, it means we’ve … Continued

Thinking about withdrawing your pension fund at once? Think again.

According to research by Prudential, a tenth of those who are planning to retire in 2018 will withdraw all their … Continued

Graduation season: Helping your child decide between saving for the future and paying off debt

Are you one of the thousands of parents celebrating your child’s graduation this summer? If so, congratulations to you and … Continued

Planning for retirement: Five tips if you think you’ve left it too late

Research from Dunstan Thomas last year, showed that just 17% of 54-71-year olds know how much money they will have … Continued

Interest rates rise above 0.5% for the first time in a decade

The Bank of England (BoE) has increased interest rates above 0.5% for the first time since 2009. Today, the Monetary … Continued

Disconnected: How moving services online could lose pensioners money

The internet is often a point of contention among families. But, whether you think it has brought the world closer … Continued

Managing risk vs reward when pension planning

Avoiding taking a risk could be holding you back from many things; such as ticking skydiving off your bucket list … Continued

Failure to prepare: Many over-50s are not prepared for life after retirement

A lack of preparation could mean that today’s over-50s are heading for disaster when they reach retirement. In fact, research … Continued

Key information for interest-only mortgage holders

According to UK Finance, the number of outstanding interest-only mortgages has fallen by 46% since 2012. Unfortunately, the issue of … Continued

Living inheritances gain prominence as reason for Equity Release

A report from Key Retirement has shown that approximately 30 retired homeowners give money released from their home to relatives … Continued

Five reasons not to let Pension Freedoms go to your head

Throughout the 2017/18 financial year, flexible pension withdrawals totalled more than £6.5 billion, the highest it has been since the … Continued

Three things to consider before using your pension to help relatives

There’s nothing new about retirees helping younger generations financially. Whether it’s to cover the seemingly ever-rising costs of living, or … Continued

How do you look after your finances? The protections you should know about

With new data from The Money Charity showing that almost 10 million people in the UK have no savings, it’s … Continued

Child or Grandchild off to uni this September? Three things to teach them before they go

Watching your kids or grandkids go off to university brings many feelings: Pride: At how well they have done until … Continued

Are you pension savvy? See how you compare to the rest of the population

How much do you know about your pension? According to research from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), many UK adults … Continued

Great expectations: Are millennials expecting too much from retirement?

Retiring early is the dream for many people. Indeed, according to research from Barclays, UK adults aged 18-34 are aiming … Continued

The true value of increased pension contributions

You probably know that the minimum pension contributions have increased for those who have been auto-enrolled. Previously, the contributions for … Continued

Where does your pension go when you die?

If you have not yet reached retirement, it can be easy to put off thinking about who will get your … Continued

Will you regret saving too little for retirement? Make changes before it’s too late

Will the money you put away today be enough to live on when you stop working? For some people, the … Continued

The retirement risk assessment: Five pitfalls to avoid when you finish work

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Wise words from US Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, who is also … Continued

State Pension: More than half of people don’t know what they will get, or when

Last month, we looked at the reasons people might defer their State Pension. This month, we thought we’d look at … Continued

Six tips to tie up your tax year

It’s almost April, and that means three things: Spring is on the way and you can start hoping for sunshine … Continued

Do you know when you can access your pension? It might be later than you think

Pension Freedoms. They’ve been around now for nearly three years, and in that time, they have revolutionised pensions, providing choice … Continued

It’s the biggest threat to your wealth, but 62% of people don’t understand it…

It’s something so powerful that Albert Einstein called it the eighth wonder of the world, and for good reason, too. … Continued

Deferring your State Pension: Could it be a mistake?

Deferring, or choosing to take your State Pension at a later date has been a popular topic of late. Just … Continued

Understanding Pension Freedoms: A lack of knowledge could cost you

Ignorance is not bliss when money is involved, especially when that money is supposed to support your lifestyle when you … Continued

15 things to do in the year before you retire

The way we work, and retire, is changing. Gone are the days when we would work in the same place … Continued

Why underestimating your life expectancy is dangerous for your bank balance

More than three quarters of 50-64-year-olds underestimate their life expectancy, according to research from Retirement Advantage. 78% of those asked, … Continued

The two reasons why people don’t take financial advice; and why they should think again

There are many times when you might think about asking a professional for advice. We turn to qualified and experienced … Continued

IHT receipts expected to rise

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has updated its projection for the period between 2016 and 2022. New figures show … Continued

Base rate rise boosts Premium Bond pay-outs

The Bank of England (BoE) decision to raise the base interest rate from 0.25% to 0.5% means that hopefully banks … Continued

Baby boomers resist taking financial advice – and lose £13,000 per year

Born between 1946 and 1964, baby boomers are currently preparing for, or settling into the early years of, retirement. With … Continued

Thousands of people don’t know what happens to their personal pension when they die

93% of personal pension holders don’t know where their money will go when they pass away. As such, they might … Continued

Autumn Budget 2017: Everything you need to know

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond rose to his feet at 12.38 to deliver his second Budget of the year. The days … Continued

Autumn Budget 2017: Were you a winner or a loser?

Every Budget has winners and losers; with some people faring better than others. So, how did you fare? Read on … Continued

Interest rate rise: How will it affect you?

It’s taken more than 10 years, but it’s finally happened. The Bank of England has decided to increase interest rates … Continued

State Pension: Should you delay taking yours?

You’ve worked hard all your life, paid your National Insurance on time, and now that you’ve reached State Pension age, … Continued

More people retiring with a pension, but incomes are still falling

New research has shown that more of us are retiring with a pension pot, but the income of people retiring … Continued

Is now the right time to consider a ‘living inheritance’?

When you retire, you probably already know who you want to leave your estate to down the line. Hopefully you’ve … Continued

Do yourself a favour. Tick ‘write a will’ off your to-do list.

Last year, almost 13,000 people had solicitors make their will during Will Aid. This year, you can join them and … Continued

When should you see a financial planner?

There are times in life when we need professional advice. Accountants or solicitors, for example: If you are a business … Continued

Nearly half of all over-55s plan to downsize: But do they really need to?

New research has revealed that an astonishing 3.9 million over-55s plan to downsize their home as they head to retirement. … Continued

5 Reasons to buy your business premises in your pension

If you run your own business, the rent you pay for your premises is probably one of your largest outgoings. … Continued

Revealed: The three retirement mistakes thousands of people are making

It is often said that you can only go forward by making mistakes. In many cases, that’s true. Providing you … Continued

6 tips to rebuild your retirement plans after a divorce

Divorce. It’s a subject that’s unlikely to make for a cheery read, but it’s an important one to talk about … Continued

What happens to your pension when you die?

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room straightaway. Yes, this is an article about pensions and death; neither the … Continued

Pension or Buy to Let: Which is better?

I sometimes feel that we love property, especially Buy to Let, as much as we hate pensions. I know that’s … Continued

State Pension Age to increase earlier than planned

The Government has announced a change in its plans for the State Pension Age, delaying it by a year for … Continued

Confusion over pension contribution cap resolved

The Government has moved to resolve the confusion over the amount some people can pay into their pension. Although, not … Continued

Surprise ‘triple lock’ U-turn announced as DUP signs deal with Conservatives

The Conservative party has scrapped a manifesto commitment to drop the State Pension ‘triple lock’, along with plans that would … Continued

How many types of ISA can you name? (Clue: You will need more than the fingers on one hand!)

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) have come a long way over the past 18 years, to the extent that there are … Continued

The Queen’s speech: How will it affect your personal finances?

The 2017 Queen’s speech was delivered after a General Election that has left the Conservative party without a majority. This … Continued

Six reasons why your house isn’t your pension!

Those people who know me (or who frankly take one look at my photo on our website) will soon realise … Continued

Seven ways to cut the Inheritance Tax paid when you die

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a tax that raises more emotion than most. To some, paying tax on your assets after … Continued

What does the election result mean for your personal finances?

It was former Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, who stated: “A week is a long time in politics”. Well, it’s been … Continued

Eight things to do in the years before you retire

We all have different reasons for calling time on our working life, or at least slowing down. Maybe you want … Continued

What’s the biggest threat to your investments? (Hint: it’s probably not what you think it is)

If we asked you what the biggest risk to your investments were, how would you answer: Inflation? Trump? Stock market … Continued

How has Inheritance Tax changed?

George Osborne proposed, well before he became Chancellor in 2010, that the Inheritance Tax nil rate band be increased so … Continued

Pension and dividend tax changes dropped as election looms

Confusion reigned this week as the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, revealed that two measures previously announced in his Budget will not … Continued

Why a pension of £1 million might not be enough to retire on

Does a pension pot of £1 million make you rich? Better off than most for sure, but rich? That’s probably … Continued

How will it affect your personal finances?

The answer to that question depends on two things; the outcome of the election and how you react to the … Continued

Considering transferring your Final Salary pension? The two things you must do before you transfer

The financial hot topics at dinner parties used to be house prices. Now though you’re as likely to hear people … Continued

Can you afford to open the bank of mum and dad?

Many of our clients have been homeowners for decades, but for their children getting on to the housing ladder isn’t … Continued

The Financial Advice Company in the press

Our newsletter, which we launched earlier this month with a Budget Special Edition, will keep you up to date with … Continued

Shock National Insurance U-turn

In a shock move, that will come as a pleasant mid-week surprise to many, Chancellor Philip Hammond has announced that … Continued

Budget 2017: Everything you need to know

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, started his first Budget in a bullish mood, listing the ways the economy had exceeded expectations. … Continued

Budget 2017: Were you a winner or a loser?

Will you be better or worse off as a result of today’s Budget? Our summary will tell you, read on … Continued

The US election: the one thing we can be sure about is uncertainty

We are somewhat loathe to put out yet another piece about what might happen in the markets as it risks … Continued

Absolute return promises – easy to make, but hard to keep.

The combination of short-term market uncertainty, human nature and an immediately attractive sounding moniker for an investment is a marketing … Continued

Your adviser’s role as your investment coach

The hardest part of investing is having the confidence and emotional fortitude to stick with the programme through thick and thin.

The foundation stones of good investing

Investing is the process of delaying consumption from today to some time in the future and employing that money in … Continued

So it is ‘leave’…

The UK has woken up this morning to a vote to leave the EU, the Prime Minister is set to … Continued

The outcome of the referendum and your portfolio

The impact of a leave vote on your portfolio As the referendum to remain in, or leave, the European Union … Continued

The fall and decline of buy-to-let?

The British continue their love affair with being buy-to-let landlords.  After all, with bank deposit and mortgage rates so low, … Continued

The ordinariness of market falls

Short term losses are common and a central part of growing wealth Unfortunately, humans are hard wired to ignore their … Continued

A bad start to the year…so far…

It is never a nice feeling when markets go through periods when they fall; and it certainly does not help … Continued

Expected portfolio returns – there are no guarantees

All investors know that risk and return are related – taking on more (sensible) risk should provide higher returns, over time. Yet there are no guarantees.

Crowdfunding: peer-to-peer lending– a fad or the future?

Much has been written over the years about the increasing disintermediation of the banks. Their traditional role as lenders and – via their investment banks – issuers of equity capital, has been undermined by other market participants such

Balancing your values with practical reality

Most of us are increasingly aware of the social and environmental impacts of our daily lives; we may recycle, avoid buying products from certain companies and try to cut our carbon footprint. In reality though, we make compromises.

Pension reforms – challenges and opportunities

New pension reforms came into being on 6th April 2015.  The materially greater freedoms that now exist have much appeal, … Continued

The good, the bad and the ugly of VCTs and EIS

Is the tax tail of VCT and EIS investment wagging the investment dog? Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and Enterprise Investment … Continued

The hidden value of great financial planning

There are also some more subtle areas of the value of a long-term relationship with a trusted financial planner. For many people, living longer is a two-edged sword. On the upside, we can all now expect to live materially longer than our

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The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested. In the investment world, the past is not a reliable guide to the future.

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