Your plans for the future are really a story that you tell yourself. Some of the chapters are easy to imagine and plan, like buying your first home, helping with the cost of education for your children, or choosing your dream retirement destinations with your partner.


But life has a way of throwing unexpected plot twists at you, such as, a global pandemic that upends how you live and work. If you feel like your story has lost some of its most important plot threads, why not use this three-step method to find a new happy ending.



1. Accept


An unexpected job loss. A major illness. The death of a loved one.


Life is never the same after you experience these kinds of unexpected transitions. Your lifestyle might change. Your relationships might change. Your daily routine might change. And your long-term personal, professional, and financial goals might have to change as well.


Letting in feelings like sadness, embarrassment, and fear can be very challenging. If you’re having trouble expressing yourself to your partner or another confidant, try journaling. Getting your thoughts and emotions down on paper can help open you up for the conversations you’re going to need to have as you navigate through this new transition.



2. Edit


Now that you’ve accepted this change in your life, you need to figure out how you’re going to adapt to it. Big transitions often feel so overwhelming that they can be paralysing. Where do you start?


Start with today.


Break the new transition down into smaller parts. What is one thing on your list that you can accomplish today and that you can build on tomorrow? If your doctor says you have to start eating better, make a new shopping list. Need to exercise more? Buy a pair of walking or running shoes. Brush up your CV so you can start a job hunt. Register for an online class that will help you make a career change. If it’s time to tighten the family belt, cancel that streaming subscription you never use.


Racking up smaller daily wins will make this new transition feel a little more manageable every single day. You might also create some new habits that will make you healthier, happier, and more productive.



3. Rewrite


In the moment, unexpected transitions can feel like an end. But as you gain personal momentum from your new routine, you’ll start to see that there are opportunities ahead of you as well. And when you finally close this chapter, you can start writing a new one.


Some of the details in this revised chapter might be a little different than you imagined before. But not all change is bad. Maybe, instead of retiring to that beautiful cottage, you upgrade your family home and have your grandchildren over more often. If you have to hang up your cricket, rugby or football boots, taking long walks with your partner could be a new way to exercise, unwind, and spend time together. Now that one phase of your career is over, it might be time to promote yourself to CEO of your own company.


If you’re really struggling to see a way through an unexpected transition, here’s something to get you started: get in touch with us. We can review your financial plan over a video chat to work out if any of your anticipated transitions need to be edited. We can also coordinate with other professionals like your solicitor or accountant to iron out any other major adjustments you might need to make.


No matter how your life story continues to change, at Cordiner Wealth, we’re here to help you make the next chapter the best one yet.