Food is one of the greatest and most diverse pleasures that life has to offer – it can be simple, complex or anything in between. But a dining experience is another thing entirely. And there’s a whole range of different dining experiences available across the UK.

Dine on the water 

If the gentle lap of waves against the sides of a boat fits into your idyllic dining experience, you’re in luck. All over the country there are companies that offer river cruises where you can relax and enjoy a good meal while experiencing the many beautiful sights the UK has to offer. Canal Boat Cruises offer a series of countryside river cruises that are worth experiencing, whereas companies such as Bateaux London deliver fine dining sightseeing cruises in the capital for the metropolitan diner in you.

Dine in the sky 

For those of you who’d like a more hair-raising dining experience, London in the Sky might be for you. Hanging 100ft above South Bank, 22 diners can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails prepared by a team standing at the centre of the table. Offering an indulgent menu of food and/or drinks, London in the Sky is a unique dining experience that’s worth booking if you’re planning to visit the city.

Dine on the rails

Steam trains have been a part of British culture for over a century and there’s a whole host of companies that offer nostalgic trips through the countryside, complete with an excellent meal or afternoon tea. Into the Blue have a great selection of luxury and steam train dining experience trips that appeal to anyone who loves travel and food.

Dine in the dark

Going from seeing sights to seeing nothing at all, the next entry on our list is a sensory experience that’s not to be missed. Dans Le Noir London offers a dining experience so innovative that it won the British Restaurant Awards Best Culinary Experience Award of 2017. Diners are hosted and served by visually impaired waiters with the aim of generating a very human exchange between staff and diners. It’s truly a revolutionary take on dining and is a string worth adding to any foodie’s bow.

Dine on the roads

For those of you who prefer your dining experiences on tarmac, rather than river or rail, Bustronome offers a gourmet sightseeing tour of London’s famous landmarks. You can travel in style, while enjoying foodie treats on the upper floor of a glass topped double-decker. The menus are often inspired by the changing seasons and are worth checking out regardless!

Afternoon tea at the Ritz

How could we not talk about dining experiences without mentioning tea at the Ritz? Treating yourself to one of the world’s most decadent afternoon tea services is something we have to recommend. With 18 different choices of loose-leaf tea and a large mixture of sandwiches and cakes, it’s a perfect way to enhance any visit to the capital.

So there you have it, a list of experiences to add to your bucket list. Whether you’re looking for fine dining with a twist or a chance to be a tourist with your tea, there’s something here for everyone. Can you think of other dining experiences that should be added to this list? Feel free to get in contact and let us know.