It’s unlikely that the idea of planning is new to you. You plan meetings, you plan campaigns, and you frequently plan to be home earlier than you end up working. You plan for the best and you plan for the worst – even if it doesn’t come naturally, planning is part and parcel of what you do.


It takes up a lot of time (we know because we’re a business too) and it’s a trade-off that we’re happy to accept – in return for the time we put in, we get to see growth and development. But too often it comes at the expense of planning for your own future, the you that exists outside working hours.


We all have personal plans and goals of course, learning a new language, getting fit, mastering the ukulele. Some of them come to fruition, while others mercifully don’t – they just exist as comforting ideas, things we’ll get around to someday.


But when it comes to planning your future, how you’ll live, what you’ll live on, ‘someday’ isn’t enough. In planning your future you’re setting out what you’ll give yourself the permission and the provision to enjoy in the years ahead.


It’s the one thing you really do need to get around to.


Pulling everything into one all-encompassing roadmap is best done with the help of professionals who can be supportive and instructive, but objective and honest too. It’s not just about painting a picture of the future you want, it’s about understanding whether it’s realistic, and mapping out how you’ll get there.


For example, if you’re a business owner and you’re planning to sell, you need to know what kind of shape your business needs to be in, the best time to sell and how you can get its true value. Proper financial planning means setting everything out, understanding your whole financial picture, tightening up on the things that need attention and making sure that you’re in the best possible position.


Getting started

We’ve put together a short guide called ‘A Smarter Approach to Planning Your Retirement’. In this guide we’ll show you how to make a friend of the future and face the next stage of your life with clarity and confidence.


You can download the guide in full right here.


We’ll be back on the blog next week with Step 4: Put the ‘long’ into ‘long-term’.


Get in touch

If you’re thinking about retirement, we’d love to find out how we can help. Whether you’ve been planning it for a while, you’re just starting out or it’s finally time to stop putting it off, the right time is now.


Proper planning early on will help you to understand when you can retire, what that retirement may look like, what you’ll do with your business and how you’ll make sure it’s all done securely.


Along with professionalism, expertise and experience, you can count on respect, transparency and a lifelong commitment. We’ll celebrate your successes with you, but we’ll always have the courage to tell you the truth about your money.


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