With winter in full swing, you might be thinking about how to make the most of the cold weather by donning your skis or your snowboard and heading for a winter sports break on the slopes. But instead of just going for the more obvious options, why not try something a bit different in the snow? Here are five ideas for some less conventional sub-zero sports and activities to mix things up a bit during the winter months.

Snowshoeing – If you find it difficult to take in the natural beauty of your location whilst skiing, trading your skis for snowshoes and going for a winter walk through the snow could be a perfect alternative. One of the most beautiful snowshoeing locations is the Dolomites in northeastern Italy, where walking through the majestic mountain ranges has been popular for some time.

Ice driving – If you’re a fan of the adrenaline rush rally driving provides, swapping the track for a frozen arctic lake will take the thrill to another level. Head to Sweden for an icy experience behind the wheel of a powerful Mitsubishi or Subaru that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Dog sledding – Letting a team of huskies pull you through the winter landscape allows you to experience a truly authentic way of getting around in the snow. Lapland is a top destination for dog sledding, with the Sami people organising husky-powered expeditions to areas of the Finnish wilds which would otherwise be unaccessible.

Night Tobogganing – Switzerland is home to the longest floodlit toboggan run in Europe. All you need to experience the thrill of sliding down 6km of ice and snow is to hire a sled and a helmet. When you reach Bergün at the bottom, if you want to experience it again, you just have to catch the train back to the top!

Snowmobile Safari – Snowmobiles were literally built to make getting around in the snow as quick and easy as possible, so why not book a snowmobile safari in the frozen north. Our top
pick? It’s got to be seeing the Northern Lights right in front of your eyes.